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- Avoid getting lash extensions wet the first 48 hours after lash appointment. (SO no excessive water during facial washes or too much exposure to shower steam the first 2 days! )

-Avoid excessive pulling, tugging or touching the extensions. 

- Do not apply mascara or any makeup directly on extensions. Dirty extensions will not last !!

-Avoid getting any oils or cream based products on the extensions or near your eye area.

-Brush through lashes daily with a clean mascara wand or spoolie. This will keep them neat, and from sticking together and becoming unruly until your next appointment . 

-A few lashes shedding every couple of days or a few times a week is normal, especially after brushing through them.

- Cleanse lashes weekly with a foaming lash cleanser, to keep lashes free of dirt, makeup residue, and any eye crust/ build-up. Clean lashes last longer!!! (I do offer a $7 foaming cleanser for purchase during your lash appointment by request!)

- Avoid pulling on lashes to remove them. This will cause the natural lashes to be pulled from the root . If you would like lashes completely removed please request lash removal by me or another professional!

-Keep up with your 2-3 week refills to keep extensions long lasting. after 1 month from original full set and no fill ins, you will need to book a new set as the extensions will shed as they get older and older .

Fills ins on month old lashes will not last.

-If 50% or more of your lashes are missing when you show up for an appointment,  that is NOT considered a fill in. That is a FULL SET and I will let you know before I begin lashing you.

-I only offer fill-ins on my work only! If you need lashes removed prior to your full set appointment, this will be an extra $5 CHARGE!


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