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So, how long have you been doing makeup?

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Kiara started as an amateur doing freelance makeup work in 2011, on the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Initially, she was known solely as "the girl who did eyelashes," but slowly began experimenting with eyeshadows and lipsticks on fellow collegians. Admittedly, Kiara was terrible starting out, but naturally creative, so she could easily re-do a look she found online or in a magazine. Fascinated with the art of makeup, and how gorgeous the outcome looked on a person, Kiara was determined to become more than just "the girl who did eyelashes." Her dream was to master the craft of makeup artistry and to help enhance the natural beauty of all women!


Unable to find her passion in the studies on campus, Kiara made the decision to leave SIUC. In 2012, she relocated back to Chicago and acquired full-time employment, all the while, using her spare time to learn full-face makeup application techniques. In the fall of 2013, she enrolled in the MakeUp First School of Makeup Artistry in downtown Chicago, through the recommendation of a friend who had also gone to school for makeup. There she learned the basic anatomy of facial structures, tool & brush sanitation, skin preparation, foundations, concealers, etc. She gained valuable experience and insight practicing what she learned on friends & family, attending makeup shows, and following celebrity makeup artists on social media. Being an avid traveler, Kiara thought it wise to reach out to well known MUAs in different cities. In doing so, she grew inspired by their stories and picked up lots of tips and tricks. By 2015, she encountered some of the biggest names in the industry, i.e. Renny Vasquez, MakeUpShayla, Alexandra Butler and Reggie Wells.


Inspired to post her work on social media, subsequently more and more women began discovering her talent. Via word of mouth, she received numerous referrals, which became instrumental in building a full and steady clientele. With her calendar fully booked for weddings, photo shoots, proms, etc., finally, Kiara was doing what she set out to do back in 2011. "I am truly thankful to God! I still feel that I have a lot of room for improvement as an artist,” she says. “But I have come such a long way since 2011 when I first started out and I love seeing the reactions of women after the work is done. It's so worth it!”


In February of 2016, Kiara won 1st place in the Chicago Beauty Bash makeup competition and has since completed her PRO makeup certification with LiveGlam Pro Academy. Thanks to LiveGlam, you have a new and improved way to engage and book her services!


“Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site. I’m excited to have this platform to share my story and my love of makeup artistry with you. I work hard to bring the best of my art and myself to you! I appreciate ALL of my clients for trusting in my artistry and supporting me and my work!”


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