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  • Video Tutorial by Kiara K. model Tashi Adams

Smokey Eye/Nude Lip Tutorial with Product Details!

When it comes to makeup it can be very frustrating knowing which products to use or even figuring out how to do a certain look you've seen on Instagram or in a magazine and wanted to do on yourself! It's also hard knowing which looks work for certain skin tones and complexions. Personally as a makeup artist I still struggle with what look I should do for a special event or night out. But I've found time and time again I can always rely on a good soft smokey eye and nude lip. It's my favorite go to combination because it's universally flattering on anyone, it's sexy, flirty and it makes you look so good if done right! The smokey eye is also one of the MOST popular requests I get from clients and it's popular because It can be done in so many ways and with so many colors. With that being said , I wanted to share a makeup tutorial on how I do my favorite type of smokey eye and nude lip. This is one that will not only compliment a lighter tone but the darker skin tone as well, which is seen on my model. So, below I've posted a video tutorial, listed the steps in which I created the look, along with the products used to go along with it. I truly hope this helps anyone who has been trying to master that dark, sultry look that we can only get from a smokey eye !

P.S. if you click the names of the products in BOLD, it will take you to the website where you can purchase each item! :)



1.) I started by prepping her skin with Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, by applying it all over her face with a flat synthetic foundation brush. I then sprayed her skin with a light mist of MAC Fix + for extra hydration. *ALWAYS prep and prime the skin! This step is crucial because it prepares the face to handle all the products that we use on it and it helps the makeup last and look it's best.

2.) I primed her eyebrows and eyelids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance.By adding eye shadow primer to the brows as well as the lid, it helps brow pencils, pomades or powders last on the brows longer without smudging or wearing off.

3.) I then filled in her brows with a dark brown brow pencil, following the natural shape of her brows with light strokes and making sure to stay towards the ends of the brows and leaving the front natural and not making them too dark. I used an eyebrow spoolie to blend the brow product more naturally into the brow hairs.

4.) Next, I sculpted the brows and cleaned up any mistakes I may have made with the brow pencil. I used a concealer from the MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette in Medium Deep . I used a thin layer of concealer on top and then another layer underneath. Then I blended, blended, and blended until the concealer was completely buffed out and there was no halo look around her brows.

5.) I used NYX Black Bean Jumbo Eye Pencil as a base for the shadow . I applied it to the center of the lid and blended it completely out. Next, I applied a black pigment with silver shimmer on top of the black base so that the pigment had something to adhere to and show up more vibrant. I blended this all out to make sure the shadow looked smooth.

6.) I used NYC Liquid Liner to line the top of her lid. I winged the liner out just a little to give her eyes a catlike effect.

7.) Before applying the foundation, I sprayed a little Maybelline Master Fix Setting Spray on the skin. This helps keep the foundation on the face for longer wear.

8.) For her foundation, I used Ben Nye HD Matte Foundation in Mojave Bronze, which is a cream foundation . I find that creams are a lot easier to work with especially on drier skin. I applied the foundation with a flat foundation brush and then used a damp Beauty Blender Sponge to blend it into the skin to make the foundation look as natural as possible.

9.) Off camera I applied concealer from the same MAC concealer palette to her focal points. (Forehead, nose, under eye, and chin). With the same damp beauty blender I blended the concealer completely out. Especially under the eye area. I took the same brush I used to apply the foundation to blend out what the beauty blender may have missed.

10.) I set the concealer with Ben Nye Translucent Setting Powder In the color Topaz. I let this sit on the highlighted areas for a few minutes. Allowing the powder to sit is a method called" baking" which sets the concealer to keep it from moving and the powder works with absorbing any oil. The powder also gives the highlighted area a brighter appearance.

12.) Next I brushed away the rest of the setting powder with a small dome brush. I added powder bronzer from the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette to the hollows of the face and to the sides of the nose to act as a light contour.

13.) I applied Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara to her top and bottom lashes . While I let that dry, I applied a rosy blush to her cheeks from the BH Cosmetics Blush Palette. On top of the blush I applied BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Topaz to give her skin an extra glow. I also applied it to the bridge and tip of her nose for added highlight!

14.) Once I let the mascara dry I applied a pair of Ardell Natural Lashes in Black 120 with Duo Lash Adhesive in Dark. In the inner corner of the eyes I applied a silver shimmering shadow to give the eye an extra pop.

15.) Last I lined her lips with a deep chocolate brown liner from ColourPop Cosmetics in Pitch. I applied MAC cosmetics Lipstick in MEHR to the inside of the lips and had her rub her lips so that the lipstick blended into the liner.

16.) I finished the face off with another misting of the Maybelline setting spray, which will completely set the face and keep the makeup in place until the end of the day. :)

And that completes the look! Here is a selfie the model took on her iPhone camera once I finished her makeup.

If there are any other looks that you'd like to see a tutorial on feel free to send me a message! If you tried this look on yourself or on a client I want to see it! Tag me in your pictures using the hashtag #Kiarakmakeuplooks

Until the next post….

(¯`v´¯) `*.¸.*´ ¸. ´¸.• *¨) ¸. •*¨) (¸.• ´ (¸.• ´ .• ´ ¸¸. •¨¯` •.*~* Kiara

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