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  • Kiara K.

2016 Was Worth Writing About

2016 for me personally was definitely one for the books! It was NOT perfect by any means but it was one of the best years I have had as far as lessons, experiences and memories! So many amazing and crazy things happened this year, that I couldn't let it end without this recap...


THAT ONE TIME IN HOUSTON... when Briana and I randomly decided to fly there for a weekend. I don't even think we had a real reason to go, besides to just to be doing something. But that's how our friendship was, traveling to different cities together just for the hell of it, or should I say used to be, because we have drifted away from that a little bit now but we ended up having a really good time . I visited with my grandparents, I was introduced to the Breakfast Klub Houston , where they have the best chicken and waffles and then I even got to hang out with my uncle, whom I had no idea knew how to KICK IT ! He showed us a really, really good time. We somehow ended up at this random, hole in the wall bar, but inside it was CRACKING!! There were literally about a hundred black people crammed into this tiny bar, turning up to all the old ratchet jams. NO LIE! This is when I legit thought I really wanted to move to Houston because I felt like it was "SOOOOO lit" lol. However, I also used to feel that way about Atlanta after only a few trips there as well, so clearly I just get excited for any place that isn't Chicago !


Winning the 2016 Chicago Beauty Bash makeup artist competition. That was such an interesting experience because I honestly did NOT expect to win. I had tortured myself with thoughts of "what if I lose?" all the way up until the actual competition happened. I guess that was a lesson on learning not to doubt yourself, because you never know what you're capable of . And while I was super proud of myself for actually winning, it was then that I also learned that competitions were not my thing. *there's a whole blog post on that whole experience here* S/o to Tempestt for ALWAYS being my favorite model!


Spending my 27th birthday in Cancun, Mexico! One of the best birthday trips ever. I wish i could go into more detail about this trip but I will say I really enjoyed myself!

*Fun Fact*

while I was in Cancun for my birthday, I decided to get a tattoo on my finger as a gift to myself. A few months later the tattoo completely faded. Yes, I was PISSED and this is a true story. *See pics*


April was probably my favorite month this year because I had accomplished one of my biggest goals. I had FINALLY finished makeup school and received my certification as a professional makeup artist. I was really happy to have finally gotten it done, because it was something I had been trying to do since 2013, but had put on the back burner for so long.

Also in April, I purchased my first brand new car. 2016 Kia, straight off the lot. Another proud moment and truly a blessing. One thing I learned this month was more moves, less announcements and that hard work truly does pay off!


On May 1st, I launched my very own website for my clients to book my makeup services directly through me. It took me a really long time to edit everything, and finally get the site to look EXACTLY how I wanted, but I got it done. I am super proud of myself for creating this gem that is and I really hope to put more into it in the upcoming year.

Also in May, was Beyonce's FORMATION tour in Chicago. Best tour/concert ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And even though I say that about all of Beyonce's concerts I think this was my favorite one because I went to see it twice lol. One of the highlights of my summer :)


This month I was booked for 9 consecutive weddings starting in June going into the rest of the summer . I believe to date, that is the most weddings I had EVER been booked for in one summer since I started doing makeup. That's not even including the fall weddings I had booked as well. So I was super thankful to God for keeping me busy with that. ( and s/o to ALL the 2016 summer brides who booked, Timikia, Joylynne, Zakiya, Nana, Markisha, Brittany M., Dontevia, Keanna and Christina B. , AGAIN, thank you so much ladies!! )

Also in June after about 11 months my relationship with my bf at the time ended. At first I didn't really understand it , but thanks to all the memes I saw on IG about how God has a bigger teddy bear for you if you let go of the small one I was good LOL jk, it was a VERY emotional ass time for me, but I knew that everything happens for a reason and I had a lot of self work I needed to do. I knew that if I wanted to mature from that situation, I had to acknowledge my faults, work on them, be better and move forward with the agreement to never make the same mistakes again. GROWTH, I truly thank God for it. Needless to say, I was still in my feelings at EVERY SINGLE ONE of those weddings I had to attend this summer lol.


My family took a trip to Atlanta and it was everything I needed, especially with everything that I was dealing with personally. It really helped me keep my mind off unnecessary things and to remind me that I was going to be OK, and there is NOTHING like family! I had never been to Atlanta without my friends, but I had a really good time hanging with the people who will love you unconditionally. This trip was when the infamous video of my family doing the running man challenge was born!

​​Also in July, I was finally going to be a bridesmaid! One of my good H.S. friends Zakiya was getting married, which meant a trip to NY and a wedding all in one weekend . While being a bridesmaid was a little more stressful than I thought, and it was NOT all peaches and cream, the experience was so worth it and in the end it was so much fun! All the pictures we took as a bridal party and the wedding was E V E R Y T H I N G! One thing I will always remember from that weekend was "when picking your bridal party, pick girls who will be willing to sink their heels in the dirt for you!" lol Thanks again Kiya for allowing me to be apart of your day.


I caught the bouquet at Tim and Markisha's wedding and I was confused AF with the universe because my love life was not in that order lol.